Do Cats Need Baths? The Best Step By Step Guide With 7 Steps To Bathe Your Cat

People have been asking me lately; do cats need baths? The answer is… Well, it’s a bit complicated. The furball. So charming yet so mischievous, a bundle of joy flavored with curiosity and a small pinch of naughtiness. No matter how much we know about cats, they always seem to keep us on edge, even wondering about the most basic questions.

For example, today’s topic, Honestly, we all know cats like to groom themselves regularly by licking to get themselves nice and clean. But even with this known fact. One might ask, do cats need baths even if it’s not technically necessary? And if so, is it beneficial in shape or form to bathe a cat, how often one should bath his or her cat?


Why Did You Ask The Question, Do Cats Need Baths?

For those of you who have been wondering about today’s discussion, do cats need baths? You most likely fall into one of two groups. 

  1. You never ever had a feline friend before, you’re interested in adopting a cute fur ball just like the one you saw on your social media yesterday, and you have the idea that cats are low-maintenance. 
  2. You and your feline friend have been together for quite some time, you have been sharing time, food, and bed, and you just happened to be wondering whether if it’s necessary to bathe your cat.

No matter how you approach it, the answers to those questions are somewhat simple, but you can let me know down in the comment section if you have any other point of view about today’s question, can cats have baths. We do appreciate your ideas.


Why Do Most Domestic Cats Hate Water?

To be honest, most residential cats hate getting wet. Some will even make a big hassle over being threatened with more water than what fits in a baby bathtub. With that aside, do cats need baths, and how would you wash a cat?

But Before answering that, how about we talk about why our local kitties despise water. In the wild, numerous types of enormous cats really appreciate the water. 

Tigers and pumas like to play and swim in the water, probably because their standard living is in a hot environment, making water a means to keep them fresh. Tigers will really swim in somewhat deep water to cool themselves and even to hunt for some fish.

One the other hand, household cats may have evolved to hate water because most breeds didn’t grow to be around water, and they see no reason to make a change.


Do Cats Need Baths? The Answer!

The following question that surfaces while considering how to bath a cat — do cats need baths in any case? 

A cat shouldn’t be washed with water. Why? You might ask. The answer- cats groom themselves most of the time, so standard brushing is generally enough to keep your pet looking perfectly neat and cute. The answer is NO. They don’t need a bath unless there is a reason for that either medical reason or your cat got into big troubles like playing with mud.

“I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.” Hippolyte Taine

Should You Clean Your Cat’s Paws?

Sometimes, when you notice that they have ruined themselves in the litter box. Or your little feline friend went on a small hunt and brought you an odd-looking present, usually a prey, but generally pay attention to your friend’s paws.


What Do You Need To Have Before Giving Your Cat A Bath?

The most fitting response for how to bath a cat is to make it snappy and efficient. Make sure you have all the essential supplies ready before you start. You would need:

  • Elastic gloves (even the most tranquil cat may scratch during a bath ) 
  • A cat cleanser (different brands accessible at pet stores or supermarkets)
  • A huge pitcher for washing or (far better) a delicate bath spout 
  • A huge towel 
  • Cotton balls to clean the ears 
  • A towel to clean the face 

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Ideally, you should have a unique cleanser made specifically for cats. Virbac is a decent brand that most veterinarians advice to buy, and it comes in cured, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial assortments. 

If you don’t have any cat cleanser at hand by chance, a gentle child cleanser can be used instead. You would prefer not to use some other sorts of human cleaning items, as it might sting your cat’s eyes or bother her skin.


How To Bathe Your Cat? A Step By Step Guide

It’s a lot simpler to wash your cat in the bathroom sink than twisting around a bath. Coming up next is a step by step technique for how to bath your cat.

  1. Fill the 1/3 of the sink with normal to warm water. 
  2. Start wetting the cat from the shoulders to the tail and then apply the cleanser. 
  3. Continue to scrub your cat gently and then wash it all off. 
  4. Since most cats hate having water sprinkled all over them, try using a damped cloth to clean your cat’s head gently. 
  5. Use a cotton ball to clean inside the cat’s ears. Never use any weird tool (not so much as a Q-Tip) in your cat’s ear. 
  6. After exhaustive washing, lift your cat and place her on a huge towel and wrap it around her. 
  7. Rub your cat gently till she is dry.

Longhaired cats may require a blow dryer to dry them thoroughly. However, the cats are sometimes scared of the sound of the blow dryer. So set it on low and check on your cat whether she will endure it.


What To Do If You Can’t Bathe Your Cat 

Still, confused with the question “do cats need baths” or on how to bath your cat, and you somewhat can’t manage the idea of washing your own cat but still think your cat could genuinely benefit from a nice bath? You can decide to take your kitty to a pet care center or facility where they give prepping services and some guidelines on how to bathe a cat. 

Well, Costs usually vary from $20-$50 and often incorporate extra services, for example, cleanser and blow-drying, cutting, ear cleaning, and nail cutting, etc. There are even versatile pet-prepping vans in enormous urban zones now that have a total preparing office directly inside the van. These services usually cost more, because of their marketing standpoint of them coming right to your doorway.


My Opinion About Bathing A Cat

The answer to today’s topic, do cats need baths? It is No unless your cat needs it. Personally, I rarely need to bathe my cats. However, It is essential to understand that your cat might need to be washed from time to time, depending on the reason. For example, if your cat has a specific health issue, your vet will suggest bathing your cat with special shampoo.

Finally, I hope you found this article useful and informative enough to answer the question, do cats need baths?

Let me know your answer down below. Do you have more information about whether cats need a bath or not?

Also, If you have any other questions or different opinions about it, leave a comment below.

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