Do Persian Cats Shed? 5 Undeniable Reasons Behind That!

The cute Persian cats have beautiful, long furs, and what I would call a “smooshed” face. But, do Persian cats shed?

In a world full of loneliness, finding a worthy companion is today’s must in-demand goal. This companion isn’t necessary to appear in the form of a human being.

Over the centuries, our pets have proved to offer their full-time availability, kindness, and listening capabilities. This encourages many to seek them as a company instead of their fellow mates. 

Cats, on the other hand, managed successfully to climb the ladder of the must-worthy pet competition. And as someone who has a cat – a Persian one to be specific – or want to get one, you might wonder, Do Persian cats shed? 


What Are Persian Cats? The Smooshy Face Cat!

The Persian cat is a long-haired cat breed characterized by its fluffy circular face and short muzzle.

They were imported into Italy from Iran around 1620. They were popular in England before Americans treat them as their soul mates.

“Dogs have owners, and Cats have staff.” Unknown

Why Should You Be Interested In Persian Cats Specifically?

You might keep asking yourself questions such as do Persian cats shed, about their personality, or anything else. 

But have you considered taking a minute to check why this breed is so cute and one of the top breeds among cats? Here’s why!

  • Long, beautiful coats. 
  • Smooshed face. 
  • Exceptionally loving and enjoy being near people. 
  • Warm. 
  • Affectionate nature. 

Do Persian Cats Shed? 

The question do Persian cats shed is often asked by those interested in acquiring one, yet, the answer isn’t Persian cats related. Everything with hair is inevitably susceptible to shed, although, their long hair gives them even more likelihood of shedding. 

But, wait, don’t let that be why you aren’t enjoying such adorable creatures, while they do shed. They have their own reasons for doing so, and they are most likely to leave your beautiful furniture clean….most of the time! 

Why Do Persian Cats Shed? 

Persian cats do shed in many conditions, where they are likely to be susceptible to environmental changes, weather changes, hormonal, and even emotional changes. 

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#1 It Might Be In Her Last Ages! 

How Does Being In Her Last Ages Results In More Shedding?

Loss of movement ability and the inability to groom themselves like they used to, they can both result in increased shedding capabilities. 

When cats are young, they often run around a lot, and this acts like an auto-cleaning tool they use to prevent the shed. When it gets older, they rarely move, and more shedding becomes fixed in the place where the most in. 

The same goes for the inability to groom, which result in more portion of their hair to fall around.

What Can I Do In This Case?

Your only solution here is to develop the habit of brushing your cat daily.


#2 It Might Be Suffering From Allergies 

How Does Suffering From Allergies Results To More Shedding? 

Dust mites, pollen, ragweed, and many other forms of allergies irritate, leading to excessive shedding.

What Can I Do In This Case?

In severe cases, we strongly suggest consulting a vegetarian, but in minor ones, putting a warm, damp cloth over its fur is considered enough.

#3 Stress, Stress, And More Stress

How Does Stress Results To More Shedding?

Like the way humans react to stress by yelling, getting annoyed, and experiencing headache troubles, cats do have their own unique ways to respond with such environmental changes, which often result in your couch not ready to welcome any guests soon, at least not before you clean it!

What Can I Do In This Case?

While you can’t entirely remove stress, reducing it might be just as good for now, resulting in less shedding. This can be done by offering a comfortable environment for your furry friend by bringing his favorite toy or singing a lovely song.


#4 A New Baby Is On His Way!

How Does Having A New Baby Results To More Shedding!

Hormonal changes due to pregnancy have their own Consequences, just like in humans, cats can’t escape these consequences, a mother cat shed from her belly as a form of reacting to such hormonal changes.

What Can I Do In This Case?

Your only solution here is to wait for the pregnancy period to be concluded. With it, your Persian cat should be well and healthy. 

During such a period, you need to keep the cat in a place where you don’t mind your cat shedding hair around.


#5 Are You Serving Your Persian Cat A Proper Diet?

How Can This Point Results To More Shedding!

The quality of food you are feeding and the overall nutritional intake it delivers and again, just like humans, tremendously affect its health. If your cat isn’t fed well, it won’t be at it’s fittest. 

Therefore, it’s obvious that normal bodily functions won’t be working as well, something that eventually came in the form of shedding.

What Can I Do In This Case?

You might consider taking better care of its daily nutrition and provide a more healthy diet.

If this isn’t enough answer to your question, do Persian cats shed? There is a lot of information to be found on the topic online, with many other reasons. A more medical approach to the issue may be seen as well.


Are You Still Not Convinced In Getting A Persian Cat?

After answering the question of “do Persian cats shed,” you now understand that this cat breed needs specific attention compared to other breeds.

After all, some cat breeds shed more compared to others. However, the proper way to take care of your Persian cat is to groom them more often and preferably daily. Brushing the Persian breed will help its body and coat stay shiny, clean, and luminous with less shedding on your furniture.

But, you should just consider accepting it the way it is. Just like it is impossible to have a good friend without negative aspects, pets share the same regard. 

If you really love your Persian cat friend, then a little amount of hair here and there won’t be a problem. You would just have to focus more on cleaning.

Finally, I hope you found this article about do Persian cats shed question useful and informative.

Let me know your answer down below. Do you have more information or tips on this topic?

Also, If you have any other questions or different opinions about it, leave a comment below.

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