Can Cats Eat Berries? #1 Truth About Berries For Cats

Yesterday, one of my friends, who is a cat owner, bought some Berries and asked me this question “can cats eat Berries?” The reason she asked this question because she wanted to share some Berries with her cat.

Berries are one of the favorite fruits for humans as they have a sweet flavor and beneficial elements such as vitamins, fibers, and antioxidants. Berries also have low calories, which makes them even a more excellent snack choice for us. But what about cats? Can cats eat Berries?


Can Cats Eat Berries? The Answer!

Can cats eat Berries? The short answer is Yes.

Nevertheless, cats are considered carnivores in which they acquire their nutrition from meat sources. 

Although cats can benefit from fruits such as Berries, especially blueberries, they still can’t taste the sweet flavor merely because they don’t possess the genetic hardware for that. 

Cats are attracted to Blueberries because of their wet texture and the moisture found within it. 

Moreover, we can’t forget that cats are neophile and love novelty. So introducing them to brand-new food from time to time will make them curious to try it and be happy about the new experience.

And after learning the answer to the question of can cats eat Berries, there is still more to know to avoid specific problems Berries may cause to your cat. 

Therefore, our next topic is about the recommended number of Berries your cat allowed to eat.

“A cat is an example of sophistication minus civilization.” Anonymous


The Recommended Number Of Berries Your Cat Allowed To Eat

To say that cats can eat Berries is something, and to give them a bunch of Berries is something else. We indeed answered the question of can cats eat Berries with a “Yes.” However, we shouldn’t feed cats a large number of Berries. 

That’s because they contain a high amount of sugar, which can raise your cats’ blood sugar levels. That alone can cause many problems, such as diabetes in cats.

Accordingly, you should be careful when you add Berries to your cat’s diet as Purina senior nutritionist Jan Dempsey said, “2-3 blueberries is the optimal daily amount for your cat.” 

Thus, your cat can eat Berries, but in a limited amount. Even if you notice your cat’s desire to eat more, you should restrain it from getting more Berries.


How To Introduce Berries To Your Cat

We can spoil our cats with different treats, and one of them is Berries, but the question that might float in your mind is how you can introduce Berries to your cat.

  • Start by washing the Berries thoroughly and remove any dirt or undesirable elements that may cause illnesses.
  • Then cut the Berries to expose the moisture and their wet texture. That will attract your cats to give it a try.
  • Another idea is to freeze the Berries, especially during hot months. It will be like ice cream for your cat, and it will enjoy licking and eating it.
  • You can also pot them on top of your cat’s food. And that will encourage your cat to eat them first.

After going through all these details to answer a simple question of can cats eat Berries. It is time to discuss important points. Can your cat benefit from eating Berries? Can berries be harmful to your cat?

Without further delay, let’s start by discussing the benefits of Berries to your cat.

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Can Your Cat Benefit From Eating Berries?

Cats as carnivores (or meat-eaters), they eat meat and digest protein content efficiently merely because of it’s their primary source of nourishment. 

Thus, a large amount of your cat’s diet comes from animal reservoirs such as Salmon, Tuna, Beef, Chicken, or other animal sources. 

But after answering the question of can cats eat Berries. Many cat owners began to ask other questions. Can my cat benefit from eating Berries? The short answer is Yes.

And to see how here are some of the benefits you can find in Berries for your fluffy friend.

  • Berries contain essential vitamins for cats: Your cat can benefit from different vitamins within Berries, such as vitamins C and K.
  • Berries are rich in antioxidant: An important element for your cat is antioxidant, and Berries are wealthy in it.
  • Berries also contain fibers and water, which are considered vital elements for human’s and animals’ lives at the same time.
  • Adding Berries to your cat’s diet is not a risk to gain weight, and that’s because they have low amounts of calories and nearly have no fat at all.

 As we mentioned above, Berries are not a standard diet for cats. Although they have many benefits for your cat, they can still be harmful too. How? Let’s find out.


Can Berries Be Harmful To Your Cat?

Berries are an excellent source for vitamins, fibers, and antioxidants, as we mentioned before, but that doesn’t mean they have only a good side. Berries can also be harmful to your cat when:

  • when we substitute the animal sources (the regular diet for cats) with Berries. It can cause undesirable consequences. For example, cats need protein to strengthen their heart muscles, and the protein source can be found in animal reservoirs, which is the primary diet for cats. So, we can’t manipulate the cats’ natural food. We can only give our cats a balanced diet of Berries with their usual diet.
  • Giving your cat a large number of Berries can raise blood sugar levels as Berries contain a high amount of sugar. To avoid that, you should consider the number of Berries in your cat’s diet daily, as mentioned before.
  • Some of us can distinguish many kinds of Berries, such as Blueberry, Blackberry, Bunchberry, Cloudberry, and other types. Still, not all of those Berries’ types are safe for your cat. For example, there is a dangerous type called death berries, and it is a toxic plant for both humans and animals. The fact about this type is that the poisonous part is the seeds. Accordingly, cats can eat them, but the problem exists in its seeds, which consider a toxic content, and it can kill cats in seconds if ingested. Thus, you should be very careful and keep your cat away from such types.
  • Another fact about Berries and cats is that some cats are allergic to Berries. Therefore, consider consulting your veterinarian before adding Berries to your cat’s diet. Additionally, if you notice your cat showing allergy symptoms such as sneezing or skin rash, you must stop feeding them Berries and call your vet immediately.


As we approached the end of our thorough article about the answer to the question of can cats eat Berries, you now have your answer plus some more information about Berries for your cat.

Berries have many benefits for cats. However, if you don’t know how to add them to your cat’s diet, they can be harmful. Also, not all types of Berries considered suitable for either cats or humans. It is best to always consult your vet on any food you want to add to your cat’s diet to protect it from any harmful things.

Finally, I hope you found this article about can cats eat Berries question useful and informative.

Let me know your answer down below. Do you have more information or tips on this topic?

Also, If you have any other questions or different opinions about it, leave a comment below.

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