Is Milk Good For Cats? The #1 Harsh Truth From (Tom & Jerry) To The Wicked Milk Intolerance

Is milk good for cats? Before we answer the question, can you tell me what’s wrong with this picture? “Mmmm… Nothing in Particular!” you might reply, what if we looked at what kind of messages such picture might hold?

To answer this question, we must first recognize the massive impact of today’s digital media in our beliefs, cultures, and overall vision to the outside world. It will influence our answers to simple questions such as today’s question of whether milk is good for cats.

One episode of (Tom & Jerry) might be enough to persuade you that dogs don’t usually get along with cats, one read of any batman’s comic book should be enough to convince you that bats are blind. One look at pictures like this one might think of the reason behind the traditional “cats and milk dilemma,” but is it? Is milk good for cats?

“Cats do not obtain anything nutritionally from milk that does not exist in a well-balanced commercial cat food diet,” explains Dr. Heinze. Dr. Heinze adds that milk should be treated more like an occasional treat than an everyday food.

So we decided today to answer the question is milk good for cats and to get the real dish on how milk affects our fluffy felines.


“Cats And Milk’s Relationship,” Is It A Delusion? Or, A Proven Fact! 

Is milk good for cats? It isn’t really the type of questions we usually face; the wide-spread of today’s media helped paint a picture in which cats and milk are bound to be together. 

But how much of what we know is true? How much is a barely fictional marketing strategy? And how seriously should we consider asking such a question?

If you go ahead today and do a small survey between your friends and family, most people believe that it is okay for cats to drink milk. That’s common due to many reasons and one of which is media and all these different cartoons.

When it comes to the truth, milk is not an ideal option to add to your cat’s diet. As Dr. Heinze mentioned, cat owners should treat milk as a treat only! Cow milk and cats so often have “milk intolerance,” and drinking too much milk can cause digestive problems and health issues.

Accordingly, we conclude that the relationship between milk and cats is complicated and requires more research and information than you thought before reading this article and asking yourself whether milk is good for cats.


Let’s Dive Deep Into The Original Story Behind “Cats and, Milk” & It’s Adaptation By Many Old Famous Cartoons

The old myth behind “cats and milk” started back in the very old days when mice and rats in the barns were the usual Monday to Friday snack for cats. 

However, due to their location, the only human food cats could possibly get their hands on, was milk, even that was a total “roll the dice” game for them, it depends on how cooperative cows will be, in other words, will they be in the mood to milk today! 

That lack of food made cats stick their heads in the milk bucket once they smell it. From farmers, cowboys to households, as quick as fire, everyone was soon pretty convinced that cats love milk, and, till now, the myth is still invading people’s Minds. [STORY ENDS…]

“Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later.” Mary Bly

Is It Different For A Cat Than A Kitty? Believe Me, It Differs

If you have a little kitty milk vital for its growth, your kitty usually gets it from its mother. But once your kitty is old enough (Generally more than 4 weeks old), some changes happen in your kitty’s body. It stops producing lactase enzyme, which is essential to help the cat’s body to digest lactose found in milk and dairy products. 

Therefore cow’s milk can make cats – More Than Kitties – a little bit different than they used to be. So, when asking, is milk good for cats? It would be best to remember that we are talking about adult cats, not kittens.

Since the standard food for kittens is milk, their body is already adjusted to accept milk as the primary source of food and, therefore, enough enzymes to digest the lactose. However, even kittens don’t deal that good with cow milk, so they should avoid drinking cow milk the same as adult cats.


Is Milk Good For Cats? Time To Face The Harsh Truth

Whether it’s whole, skim or fat-free, milk is high in lactose, and, if your cat wasn’t sick by the end of the day, you should at least expect some weight to be gained. The typical amount of sugar that cats need to stay “Healthy” is far less than what we need, that’s why sugar in milk is more than what they can handle.

Accordingly, milk is not a necessity for cats, and it is not the best choice to add to your cat’s diet. As we mentioned above, experts like Dr. Heinze suggest that cat owners provide milk as a treat only.

The harsh truth is out now, and the answer to the question is milk good for cats is answered! Milk can be a big problem for cats and can cause health issues. Therefore, serve milk occasionally as a treat, nothing more!

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The Lactose Intolerance In Cats

Unfortunately, most of the cats are lactose intolerant; this means any dairy product – including milk – is off the list. So, eating or drinking, such products will result in incredible results (we will discuss this in detail a bit later). 

Even the few of those who aren’t lactose intolerant suffer from the consequences of regular milk ingestion, and it just took them longer.


The Symptoms Of Lactose Intolerance In Cats

Ingestion of milk in large amounts can cause problems related to the digestive system, which is because your cat’s body is unable to process lactose properly. Also, cats can suffer from other health issues related to the high amount of sugar and fat in some types of milk. Therefore, here is a quick look at what your cat might encounter:

If your cat drinks milk and then shows one or more of these symptoms, you must immediately contact your vet to inform them about the condition to manage appropriately.


Don’t Worry – We Have An Alternative

If what you aim for is less lactose, better-tolerated product, you should go with plain yogurt as it’s your best option. Yogurt is rich in nutrients, high in protein, provides uncountable improvements to both cardiovascular and immune systems, plus, unlike milk, cats didn’t just found it, they chose it, and loved it!

What About Skim Milk?

Unlike whole milk, skim milk, which is organic milk, contains only 1% fat and contains fewer calories (90 per cup in skim milk versus 150 per cup in whole milk). 

It’s also lower in saturated fat could lead to problems with the cardiovascular system. Thus, skim milk would be a better option than regular milk, but it shouldn’t be consumed daily and only served as a treat.


The Amount Of Milk You Should Give Your Kitty

Unlike its mom, your kitty might enjoy some of this milk without huge problems. But wait! There are still restrictions, 8 millimeters of formula per ounce of body weight every day is the recommended amount for your kitty to stay healthy. So, if your kitty is 10 ounces, she could drink 40 millimeters of formula every day. Lucky her!

Final Thought About The Question Is Milk Good For Cats

Whether you decided to treat your cat with milk or not, milk is not a good option as part of its diet; however, as a treat is one of the popular choices for cats. 

Another critical point is the same rule goes to every dairy product out there. So, giving some cheese to your cat every then and now (a small piece that is the size of dice) is acceptable; otherwise, it is too much and can cause a problem.

I suggest you to avoid giving your cat anything that might harm it. After all, it is not worth it! If you want to treat your cat with something safe and healthy, you can always buy some commercial treats that are produced specially for cats under supervision from experts. Also, keep in mind that it is still best to consult your vet before adding any type of food to your cat’s diet.

Finally, I hope you found this article useful and informative enough to answer the question, is milk good for cats?

Let me know your answer down below. Do you have more information about milk for cats?

Also, If you have any other questions or different opinions about it, leave a comment below.

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3 years ago

This is an important article. Where I live, many people like to give milk to cats, even to rescued kittens that are only a few days old … I never give them milk. When they are kittens, I buy the whiskas milk boxes which has all the nutrients they are supposed to be getting.
When they are tiny, only a few days old and they need to be bottle fed, I make a special milk formula for them (which was recommended to me by a vet), and one of the ingredients is lactose-free milk. Now that I read your article and see that cats are lactose intolerant, it really makes sense to me why I had to get lactose-free milk for that formula. I made the mix, then poured it into a babby bottle and I bottlefed it to them. I used to rescue dogs and cats and there were many abandoned kittens … They always loved the formula I made for them 🙂
More people should read this. I am going to share this article on my FB, since I know many other dog and cat rescuers, and they should know this 🙂

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