Toilet Training For Cats In 5 Ridiculously Easy Steps

Toilet training for cats can be a tricky job for every cat owner. Cats are different than dogs when it comes to training them to do specific things. Also, you must put in your mind that toilet training for cats is not their natural instinct.

My story started when I recalled what my friend told me. 

An old friend of mine once said: “Orthopedists might come in handy following a car accident, but cats do a lot better healing those wounds done by your ex.” 

He owned a pet store, and he was brilliant, taking my relationship status as a tool for boosting his business. However, me cleaning the litter box 24/7 isn’t really something mentioned in the manual book.

“Everything I know I learned from my cat: When you’re hungry, eat. When you’re tired, nap in a sunbeam. When you go to the vet’s, pee on your owner.” Gary Smith

I managed to take my experience with cats as an advantage by providing a guide with the best tips in toilet training for cats for those who find themselves in a familiar situation.

And today, it is your turn to follow these tips on toilet training for cats we providing in this article to train your cat!


Toilet Training For Cats – A Possibility Or A Myth?! 

Toilet training for cats is defined as the process of training someone (a pet in our case) to use the toilet for urination and defecation. 

Attitudes toward training in recent history have fluctuated substantially. They may vary across cultures and according to demographics. 

Still, one thing everyone agrees on is that it’s SO HARD. To be honest, training your cat isn’t really a big deal if you managed to teach your little child, as the most troublesome thing about the process is the patience and preservation required to get the job done. 

Once this is implemented, the tips in toilet training for cats would very much take effect. 

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Is It The Right Kind Of Tasks For You? 

One thing to take into consideration first, toilet training for cats (as silly and easy as the name might suggest) is a tough procedure that requires a lot of patience and consumes time. 

If you are someone with a busy schedule or don’t have the tolerance for it, you might as well just forget our best tips in toilet training for cats and start getting used to cleaning the litter box as it’s easier and faster. 

When To Start Toilet Training For Cats?

If you find the courage inside you to take action, here is a big warning sign! Not just yet. 

What about our little furry friend, I am sure he got a vote on this. If your cat is less than 6-month old, or already has some problems (not trained well) using the litter box, then toilet training probably isn’t a wise choice for your little friend. 

Toilets Training For Cats In Made Easy In 5 Simple Steps Guide

Without any more delays, let’s commence our 5 simple steps guide on toilet training for cats. Remember, you have to be patient while following these steps.


Step One: Place The Litter Box Near The Toilet 

This actually should’ve been the step zero, as it’s considered a transition process rather than an actual procedure. 

Before we start engaging ourselves in the progression of toilet training for cats, we must first set a friendly, welcoming environment for your cat. That is done by gradually transitioning our little furry friend to where we want it to be for the next steps to be done.

Step Two: Raising The Litter Box On The Top Of The Toilet

Once a friendly environment has been established for your cat, and in a matter of one to three weeks, you must take action. The first thing to be done is raising the height of the litter box over the toilet. 

Your final goal, of course, isn’t using the litter box in a different environment. But it’s the transition process that we must take first for your cat to get comfortable with the new change of situation. 

That’s why it’s highly preferred to leave the litter box on top of the toilet a few days before engaging in future steps. 

Step Three: Using A Training Kit As A Replacement For The Litter Box

Your cat should be getting itself in the “comfortable mode” with the new changes been made so far. Slowly transitioning from litter box to a training kit is a process that must be taken seriously and carefully. 

The market offers many products for the task to be done, and we prefer Litter Kwitter, which is simple and easy to use. 

Whatever product you choose to go with, one thing to put in mind is to make sure that your training seat on the toilet in a perfect approach. 


Step Four: Transition Into Pooping In The Toilet

Before the big transitions can be made, the last step should be done to let our little guy get used to pooping in the training tray. If he proved to be ready – and this is a big “IF,” as there are some situations were it took months to get our cat used to the situation, we are considered by then on our final steps. 

Step Five: Removing The Training Kit 

This step must take place – as we previously mentioned – after about two to three weeks of increasing the size of the hole or training trays. 

This step requires no effort actually as it’s a result of the previous hard-working effort we put the last two to three months. By now, your cat should be ready and in a safe situation. 

As the steps needed are quite achieved, our toilet training for cats isn’t quite approached completion yet.

Downsides To Put In Mind Of Toilet Training For Cats

  • It violates your cats’ natural instinct. 
  • The toilet lid must be left open almost always. 
  • If your cat is getting old, reaching the toilet might be an unachievable task.
  • Your cat might refuse the entire process.

Top 5 Reasons NOT To Toilet Train Your Cat

Toilet training for cats can be challenging for cat owners and their cats, especially for people who are busy with their different life-matters like your jobs.

But, whatever your motives for toilet training your cats, there are altogether a few essential reasons NOT to toilet train your cat that you really should consider first.


Reason #1: Your Kitty Can’t Travel With You

Suppose you are the same as me, a person who loves to travel a lot and everywhere. You must rethink your decision on toilet training your cat, especially if you don’t know anyone to take care of your cats until you come back.

Also, you must keep in mind that even if you have friends who will be happy to have your cat, they must accept sharing their toilet with your cat and keep the lid open all the time, which sometimes can be a problem for some people.

Reason #2: It Violates Your Cats’ Natural Instinct

As you may know, your cat’s natural instinct is to bury its waste, and that’s why we use the litter box, which is considered normal for your cat. This act is a vital way for wild cats to hide their smells from other predators.

To avoid any stress or other stress-related problems in your cat with any changes like this, you need to promote their natural instinct. Even though they are not wild cats, they still need to bury their waste as part of their daily life.

Consequently, what you are doing with this toilet training for your cat is to remove their ability to bury their waste, but not their instinct.

Reason #3: Flushing The Evidence Of Any Health Problem

Having access to your cat’s litter box is essential to keep an eye on its health. Any changes in the frequency or volume of your cat’s urine can be vital signs of severe health issues that go far beyond “just” a UTI (urinary tract infection). 

When it comes to checking your cat’s pee and poop, it can tell you a lot about your cat’s general health. Many diseases can change, such as UTI, Urinary obstruction, Kidney dysfunction, Diabetes, Cystitis (Bladder Inflammation), or Hyperthyroidism.

Therefore, to protect your cat from severe unwanted complications, early detection is necessary to manage these conditions as soon as they are diagnosed.


Reason #4: Terrible Toxoplasmosis!

Toxoplasmosis is a disease that is caused by Toxoplasma gondii. It is a parasite that can infect cats when they contact infected animals in the wild or eat some of these animals, such as rats, birds, or mice.  

However, not all infected cats will show symptoms of Toxoplasmosis. Meaning, your cat can be infected with this parasite, but you will never know that, and the problem is that this parasite will shed what is called infective Toxoplasma oocysts in your cat’s poop for a while. Unfortunately, the wastewater doesn’t kill these infective oocysts.

But, the question here is, why is this important to know? The problem here these parasites go with the wastewater to the rivers, streams, local lakes, and other water bodies, where they can infect and kill other animals such as sealsotters, and other water-dwelling wildlife. 

Another risk is if your cat is pooping outside the toilet for any reason, then there is a higher risk you and your family members will be infected too. Therefore this point is critical to know before you begin toilet training your cats.

Reason #5: Access Needed At All Time

Toilet training for cats can be tempting, especially when you, as cat lovers, see all these funny videos for cats using the toilet. However, you must keep in mind after finishing this toilet training for cats. You must make sure to keep the bathroom open for your cat at all times.

That means, if you have guests and your cat needs the bathroom RIGHT NOW, your cat will never wait! Unlike humans, cats fulfill their needs without the need to wait! So, if the toilet is in use while your cat needs it, it might lead to unfortunate accidents you don’t want!

Unfortunately, in many cases, the answer from your cat will be as follows:

  • You will deal with stressed cat overtime. 
  • Your cat will find somewhere else to go like your bed, laundry, carpets, indoor plants, etc.

My Opinion About Toilet Training For Cats

Whether you decided to toilet train your cat or not, you must keep in mind the most important thing is your cat’s health and happiness. Doing things with your cat just because you saw it on social media and you found it funny is not the right thing unless it is suitable for your cat.

I did toilet training for my cats and didn’t remove the litter box from my house. I simply gave my cats a choice. In the end, they preferred the litter box. So, I believe toilet training for cats can be advantageous, but with some downsides, as we mentioned. And therefore, I will only do what’s the best for my cats’ health!

Finally, I hope you found this Toilet Training For Cats In 5 Ridiculously Easy Steps useful and informative.

Let me know your answer down below. Do you have more information about toilet training for cats?

Also, If you have any other questions or different opinions about it, leave a comment below.

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3 years ago

I have seen photos of cats that were toilet trained and I always wondered how it was done. Now, with your detailed explanation, I know how to do it. There is no need for me or my cats to to do this, though. I live on a large property and my cats are indoors and outdoors. I do not use the litter box anymore, since they do their business outside. I do check their feces and urine when I happen to be near them when they pee or poop outside, because – as you mentioned in the article – they are indicators when something is wrong with them. So, I make it a point to check every now and then.
I don’t think I will ever toilet train my cats, even when my house gets built (it is still under construction). My cats are rescued feral cats and although they are domesticated and very loving now, I think that toilet training would stress them. They are happy with their large outdoor toilet 🙂 And as you said, it is against their natural instincts. Cats like to bury their waste. Although I think that a toilet trained cat looks really cute, it also creates some inconviences, like always leaving the toilet lid open, leaving the bathroom door open – when you’re taking that shower or a relaxing bath 😉 – and possibly finding accidents when someone is using the toilet and your cat has to go right now, lol.

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