Can Cats Have Watermelon? 4 Shocking Infos About Watermelon And Cats

Asking the question can cats have watermelon these hot days is common between cat owners who enjoy eating this amazing summertime treat!

People enjoy eating watermelon or even make different drinks with its slushy like texture for years! It is both delicious and healthy for our bodies. However, the question today is about our fluffy friends during the summertime.

If you own a cat – or any other pet – you probably appreciate the benefits that came along with a proper diet, and how it results in building a healthier environment for your cat.

Therefore today, we will discuss everything relevant to your cat and watermelon for this summer. And we will do our best to answer one of the essential questions in detail. Can cats have watermelon? Here’s what you need to know.


Can Cats Have Watermelon? 

If you are looking for a short answer, it’s “Yes.” 

However, if you want an explanation from a nutritional speaking point, we will happily provide you with the long answer to your question can cats have watermelon in the next few lines. 

“The trouble with sharing one’s bed with cats is that they’d rather sleep on you than beside you.” Pam Brown

Watermelon is ideally considered safe to eat for cats, actually not just so, as many nutritionists describe it as a very beneficial fruit that offers certain key health benefits for your cat (more on that next).


Health Benefits For Eating Watermelon

Another important question we have to answer today is, “Is watermelon bad for cats?” And as we mentioned before, watermelon is entirely harmless to feed your cat. But it should be in strict balance and if specific precautions are taken.

Now, the following are some health benefits for eating watermelon:

  • High In Water 

Just like it’s nutritional beneficial is required for survival in human beings, cats could always benefit from extra water at hand. Watermelon can be a proper treatment for dehydration or constipation during summer for your cat.

  • High In Fiber

A higher fiber diet came with many health benefits such as lower cholesterol levels, normalize bowel movement, control of blood sugar levels, and more.

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  • Good For Weight! 

If you keep track of your little guy’s weight, watermelon could be very helpful as it has low calories and sugar, thus providing a great replacement that suits your cat regimen. 

  • High Vitamin Value

Watermelon came filled with vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B1, and vitamin B6; each has excellent value added to the whole nutrition.

If that wasn’t enough to answer your question, can cats have watermelon? You should know that watermelon also may lower inflammation and oxidative stress, improve heart health, contains compounds that may help prevent cancer, it shows improvement in reducing and preventing macular regeneration, it helps relieve muscle soreness and improve your little kitty hair and skin.

What I am trying to say is: “go get that watermelon dude before the price goes skyrocket high”?


What If I Tell You That Healthy Isn’t All That Watermelon Has To Offer! 

If all of the previous health benefits aren’t enough reason to let you go to the supermarket, well, health isn’t really all that is good about watermelon, it’s only a slice of it. 

Watermelon for cats is like pizza for humans in its taste and like lettuce in its benefits, aren’t they lucky!  

When Should It Be Avoided?

Although it’s an extreme nutritional value, watermelon might not be a wise option in these specific cases:

  • If your cat suffers from particular eating issues or diabetes.
  • If you aren’t that careful about removing the seeds (they can result in a choking hazard).
  • If it was represented in huge amounts (for having too much sugar, that could result in nutritional consequences).

Watermelon Seeds And The Danger Behind It

Due to cyanide in seeds, it’s considered toxic and should be avoided and carefully removed before your cat can enjoy a slice of that watermelon. 

According to certain medical reports from specialized vets, swallowing the seed isn’t a problem, but when cats bite the seed, things get messy, and their poison is released. 

How Much Is Enough? And How Much Is Diabetic? 

The sugar found in watermelon could lead – when added with extreme amounts – to obesity and other certain health issues, including diabetes. 

We advise adding watermelon from time to time in small amounts, but it won’t work well if you treat it as a supplementary meal.


Do Cats Need Watermelon? 

While it’s totally safe to eat, watermelon isn’t necessarily a basic nutrient for cats. Neither they need it to survive and grow when looking for a basic package of nutrients to deliver your cats, meat, and quality cat food should be your first destination. 

Symptoms Of Watermelon Allergies In Cats

If this is the first time you feed your cat watermelon, you must keep a close eye to your cat for any sign of allergies of watermelon in cats.

Cats often tend to react differently towards watermelon. However, in most cases, hypersensitivity to watermelon isn’t really a “pandemic case for cats” but, just to be precocious, if any of the following signs appeared, you might need to check the closest vet in the area:

  • Vomiting and Diarrhea 
  • Lethargy
  • Persistent coughing
  • Hives
  • Stomach pain
  • Stomach cramps
  • An itchy tongue or throat


After you got your answer to the question, ca cats have watermelon? You have some decent information about this topic. However, you must keep in mind to always give your cat a balanced diet.

When served appropriately, there is no limit to watermelon’s benefits to cats. Still, one should consider the downsides of such powerful fruit, which results from the misappropriated delivery of watermelon and the increased amount relative to a short time. 

If that is well controlled and the seeds carefully removed, you are safe to give your little kitty that watermelon slice he enjoys.

Finally, I hope you found this answer useful and informative enough to answer your question of “can cats have watermelon.”

Let me know your answer down below. Do you have more information about watermelon and cats?

Also, If you have any other questions or different opinions about it, leave a comment below.

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3 years ago


I have three cats and one of them absolutely loves papaya. He has also had melon and watermelon and he just gobbles it up. I let him, because of the water content and the added vitamins. It’s funny to watch him when he gets his papaya or watermelon, because he gets greedy about it and very protective, he does not want to share it with anyone 😉
Is papaya OK too? I have let him eat it because he has feline leucemia and I figured that he could use the added vitamins. He has been living with this disease for 7 years now and although he is thin he is doing really well, he loves to eat and he is happy. He lives in a separate area, away from my other two cats.

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