How To Clean Cat Hair Off A Sofa? 13 Easy Ways And Important Tips To Clean Your Cat’s Hair Off A Sofa

If you wonder how to clean cat hair off a sofa, we will explain to you today several easy ways and essential tips that will help you a lot to remove your cat’s hair from your favorite sofa and furniture, whether this hair is long or short. You may think that removing your cat’s hair from the sofa is difficult or impossible, especially if you have another cat or other pets at home.

How To Clean Cat Hair Off A Sofa?

You may be enjoying your cat sitting on the sofa next to you, and you realize that your cat loves to lie on the sofa. But what you may also realize is that it will leave a little hair behind on that sofa, which will pick up on your clothes and spread the hair with you around the house. Without any further delay, here are 13 ways to help you remove your cat’s hair from sofas and furniture.


#1 Use A Vacuum Cleaner

You can use the vacuum cleaner daily to clean sofas and carpets from your cat’s hair. Some types of vacuum cleaners contain a special sofa brush. Pass the vacuum cleaner over the sofa twice in different directions to ensure you get any trace of your cat’s hair off the sofa.

Also, you can make it easier to remove your cat’s hair from the sofa by bypassing the window squeegee over the sofa so that the cat’s hair is collected in a specific corner of the sofa. Then it is removed with a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners vary in suction power, so look for the most effective vacuum cleaners for all your cat hair removed from the sofas.

#2 Use A Lint Roller

If you are looking for how to clean cat hair off a sofa easily, using a lint roller is one of the easiest and fastest ways to remove cat hair from sofas; add to this that the lint roller covers rather large areas of sofas and furniture. Run the lint roller across the sofa to pick up the stuck hair, then remove the lint roller full of hair and throw it in the trash. Repeat the process to remove the rest of the hair.

“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” Leonardo da Vinci

#3 Use Sticky Tape

It is also another easy way to remove your cat’s hair from sofas and furniture. It is better to have this tape wide to cover larger areas. But be careful about furniture covered in paint, and try not to leave the tape for more than a few seconds so that the paint does not peel off.

#4 Use The Washing Machine To Wash Covers Of Sofas And Pillows

If there are covers over sofas and pillows, and you are looking for a way to clean them effortlessly, a washing machine is the best solution. Follow the instructions on the covers for washing, and do not forget to clean the washing machine’s filter from the cat hair stuck to it. For a deeper clean, add one cup of white vinegar to your washing powder. It helps remove any hair attached to the fabrics of sofas and pillows.

#5 Use Rubber Gloves


Put on rubber gloves, wet them with water, then pass them on sofas and pillows so that the hair will stick to them. Then rinse the gloves with water to remove the hair stuck to them. If necessary, repeat this process until you remove all of your cat’s hair stuck to the sofas and pillows.

#6 Remove Your Cat’s Hair With A Wet Sponge

If you are concerned about how to clean cat hair off a sofa and are looking for a simple way to remove your cat’s stuck hair, you can use a soft sponge, wet it with water, and squeeze it well. Then wipe the damp sponge across the sofa’s surface in one direction to make sure your cat’s hair is completely removed.

#7 Use A Pumice Stone

This way is easy and straightforward to remove your cat’s hair from sofas and pillows, as the pumice stone is very coarse, which helps capture the hair. But you have to be careful while using this stone because it may scratch the fabric of sofas and pillows.

#8 Use Your Window Squeegee

If you are looking for how to clean cat hair off a sofa, this way is very effective. All you have to do is run the squeegee across the sofa as you would when cleaning windows; your cat’s hair gathers in one place, then you pull out the collected hair with your hands and throw it in the trash.

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#9 Use A Toothbrush

You can use a clean, dry toothbrush to remove your cat’s hair from the sofa. It is straightforward, but it covers small sofa areas, so this process takes time.

#10 Keep The Indoors Humid With An Anti-Static Spray


Humid weather reduces your cat’s hair from sticking to the sofa, and it makes it easier to work with a toothbrush or tape to remove hair stuck to the upholstery. The dry weather in the house makes your cat’s hair settle on sofa wood and all the furniture in the house. Using the spray device will create a humid atmosphere and prevent hair from sticking to the furniture. You can use an anti-static mist device to prevent your cat’s hair from sticking to sofa wood.

#11 Use Dryer Sheets

It is also one of the easiest ways to help you if you are looking for how to clean cat hair off a sofa. The drying sheets are low in price, but you cannot reuse them, as after rubbing the sofa with a drying sheet and the sheet is filled with your cat’s hair, you will throw the paper with the stuck hair in the trash.

#12 Use An Old Sock

It is the simplest and easiest way to remove your cat’s hair attached to sofas and pillows if you do not have a rubber glove, window squeegee, sponge, or any means we mentioned. It is enough to turn the sock inside out, then wet it with water, squeeze it, and wipe the sofas and pillows with it.

#13 Put Covers On The Sofas

If you are frustrated about how to clean cat hair off a sofa and do not want to spend the effort and time in cleaning, you can cover the sofas with covers or blankets, and clean these covers, just shake them outside the house, then put them in the washing machine.

Tips To Prevent Or Reduce Your Cat’s Hair From Shedding

These are essential tips that will help you on how to clean a cat hair off a sofa, namely:

  1. Comb your cat’s hair using a special brush two days a week. There are times of the year when cats shed more hair than others, such as spring and fall, which requires you to brush your cat’s hair more often than usual.
  2. Make sure to cut your cat’s hair once a month.
  3. Give your cat a bath once or twice a month, then let it dry outside.
  4. Teach your cat not to climb on furniture and sit on sofas, and this will help prevent your cat’s hair from getting stuck to the furniture.
  5. Make a special bed for your cat on the floor, near the sofa, and equip it with a washable cover.
  6. Use a cat repellent spray. It is a good way if you are thinking of how to clean a cat’s hair off a sofa, where you sprinkle spray on the sofa. This spray contains oils and smells that repel cats but do not harm them, and thus ensure that your cat does not sit on the sofa. Before you use the spray on the sofa, make sure that it will not affect the sofa’s fabric by spraying it on a hidden area of ​​the sofa.
  7. Place a tray on the edge of the sofa. When your cat jumps to the sofa, it will land on the tray and then fall to the ground. By the time and by repeating it, it will become a warning to your cat and will refrain from climbing to the sofa. Thus you will get rid of your cat’s hair on the sofas.


Cats are beautiful friends, and having a cat at home is fun, but you hate the sight of your cat’s hair falling on sofas and furniture, and thinking about how to clean cat hair off a sofa can be confusing for you. But following the ways and tips we mentioned in our article will make the task of cleaning sofas from cat hair easier to keep your sofas, pillows, and furniture clean.

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